Hulks Terms & Conditions

BOOKING FEE ‐ In order to secure a job booking and start date a booking fee of $100 is required. This is removed from your total bill however is non repayable should the booking be cancelled. If materials are paid before the booking fee the booking fee is not required.

INDOOR JOBS ‐ SKIRTING BOARDS/ BASE TRIMS/DOORS- JAMS/THRESHOLDS ‐ For a proper finish to be achieved these should all be removed prior to job commencing and reinstalled after flooring is complete, if not removed damage may occur and the finish may not be perfect in these areas, HULK ECCRS will not be held responsible should you choose not to remove.

MATERIALS PAYMENTS /GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS ‐ Materials payments are generally required a minimum of 5 working days prior start date unless waived in writing, this payment cannot be returned as we often cannot return materials. Failure to make payment on time may delay the start date & result in downtime for HULK ECCRS, if this occurs a fee of $500 may apply for downtime. HULK ECCRS will take all possible care when working at every property however things can occur which are out of any applicators control and HULK ECCRS will not be held responsible for any such issues. Substrates may have had prior sealers, coatings or curing agents which can react strangely to epoxy or other coatings, HULK ECCRS will not be held liable for any such issues including accidental damage to any property or items. All care is taken to quote for any foreseeable circumstances but from time to time unforeseeable things can arise, e.g.--‐ a job quoted when the slab is still covered by tiles, carpet or other coatings may appear in sound condition until the covering is removed. If extra work or materials are required HULK ECCRS or a representative will contact you straight away, we will not proceed with the extra works until written permission is gained and price agreed upon, you will be given the option to have HULK ECCRS complete the work or seek alternative.

STONE LOOK-METALLIC- MARBLE LOOK FLOORING - is made to resemble real stone and marble whilst metallic floors are completely custom. Just as no 2 pieces of stone are exactly the same no 2 epoxy floors are ever identical and some variation in colour, texture, smoothness and appearance is a normal feature.

FINAL PAYMENTS ‐ Final payments of any outstanding amounts is due on completion day of the job unless the quote states otherwise. Payments overdue after 7 days will incur a $500 late fee per week of non payment, cash or card payment is accepted or prior arrangements can be made to pay the bill via direct deposit. If you will not be home upon completion you must arrange prior payment.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU - HULK ECCRS & any of its employees will treat your property with the upmost of diligence & respect, taking all care to provide quality workmanship as best possible in every circumstance.

WARRANTY DETAILS ‐ HULK ECCRS will always recommend what it believes to be the best and most suitable products for your job, & Hulk Eccrs provides an installation guarantee to certify that any products used are installed correctly and to the manufactures specifications. Any products to be used are listed on your quote and by accepting the quote you agree you have chosen the products, have researched them and are happy to proceed with the products stated. Note sealers & epoxy flooring products are not manufactured by HULK ECCRS & therefore we cannot supply warranty on the performance of any product that is not manufactured by Hulk Eccrs. Sealers & epoxy are installed in liquid form & small imperfections or contaminants are sometimes unavoidable and are not a warranty issue or grounds for non payment.

PAYMENTS & MATERIALS ‐ PLEASE NOTE HULK ECCRS or any of its contractors will never ask for payment for any work of any kind until completion unless outlined in a payment schedule on your quote, however HULK ECCRS does require a payment for your materials, we require the materials payment be made generally 5 days before the job commencing to allow time for collection of anything required, note as materials are job specific the payment is non returnable.


You meaning you the client or contractor as named in the quotation or contract ; Us meaning Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth.

Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth reserves the right to cancel work, and then refund deposits where possible due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your work will be scheduled in as soon as is practical based on our current workload at the time of receiving your signed acceptance, contract or purchase order and depending on availability of materials, labour and any other conditions beyond our control.

Curing compound is not to be applied to new concrete that is to receive any coating as this will prevent adequate bonding of the coating to the concrete. Additional charges may apply for the subsequent removal of any such compounds or other contaminants. Where a specific curing compound with supporting technical data to contradict the above, the responsibility for any subsequent failure rests totally with the client.

For new concrete, it must be clearly understood that most generic systems and products require a minimum moisture content of 4% prior to any application being carried out. This is generally achieved after 28 days cure. Should the project require the application of a system or products to accelerate the project program the application of a moisture barrier may be considered (subject to technical and warranty considerations). This application will be charged as an additional cost.

Cancellation or deferring the agreed starting date (could) result in costs charged to the client for the procured materials, plant, labour and consequential loss including the loss of any deposit unless approved in writing by Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth.

You warrant that the substrate surface will be free of obstructions and in a condition ready to receive the application of the system coating. Additional charges may apply at a reasonable rate determined by us if the surface must be cleared or treated.

No allowance has been made for the removal and/or reinstatement of any items including but not limited to stock, equipment, machinery, furniture, doors etc unless specified in the quotation. You must remove all furniture and similar prior to our arrival.

You agree to provide unobstructed, clean and clear access, adequate lighting, relevant power (240 volt and / or 3 phase – 32 amp) and water within 15 meters of the work area. We do not allow for generator provision or the contracting of an electrician unless specifically itemised with the quote.

All smoke detectors, pilot lights, naked flames are to be isolated by you prior to our commencement of works. Inhaling of the vapour of coating materials could be harmful and may cause lung irritation and asthma like respiratory reaction and irritation to skin and eyes. Please refer to the Materials Safety and Technical Data Sheets provided on request.

In some circumstances you may be required to remove all food items from the vicinity as certain materials may taint food products (this includes inside refrigerators). Please refer to the Materials Safety and Technical Data Sheets upon product selection for project.

Any selections or decisions regarding extent of preparation, colour, system, slip resistance or any other component of your quotation remain your responsibility regardless of any input, recommendation or samples provided by us.

You warrant to us that prior to project commencement Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth reserves the right to undertake a site inspection. Any alterations or deviations from the agreed quotation, specification, scope of works or project documents will be executed only upon further written instruction and may become an extra charge over and above the amount quoted.

For all non slip flooring, it shall be deemed that the level of non slip applied by Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth is suitable and accepted if no correspondence has been made to Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth in writing within 7 days of the non slip floor application to state otherwise.

All areas are to be clear and clean and free of other trades prior to commencement onsite. Additional time for cleaning prior to commencement will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

a) Unless stated otherwise by ourselves, this quotation is based on having clear access, free from trades over 1 site visit.

b) A “Site Visit” is typically defined in body of the quote

All work is to be undertaken during normal working hours Mon – Fri 7.00 am – 5pm unless nominated on the quote.

Provision for rubbish disposal will be available on site unless nominated on the quotation.

Additional cost will be incurred for non standard colours that are not specified in the quotation. Delivery times and costs of these colours can vary. Discuss your requirements when booking your project as more lead time may be required for non standard colours.

Some systems can yellow and chalk on exposure to UV radiation (sunlight). Areas indoors that receive direct sunlight exposure for some intervals during the day, such as those adjacent to doorways and windows may experience some discolouring if you have chosen a system without a UV resistant sealer. It is the responsibility of the client to review technical datasheets to ensure suitability of product for any given project. Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth can advise and assist in product selection.

You warrant to us that all aspects of the work that we are required to do are as specified and accordingly any alteration or deviation from the specification which involves extra costs, will be executed only upon your further written order adjusted and signed on the original contract and will become an extra charge over and above the amount quoted.

All agreements on our part are subject to strike, accidents, thermal conditions, natural disasters, acts of god, terrorism and/or other delays beyond our control. It must be appreciated that carrying out the contract work involves the use of powerful and sometimes toxic chemicals and heavy machinery. Though every precaution is taken, no responsibility will be accepted for injury to any person or animal or loss of income or damage of any property caused during contract works. By accepting this quotation you agree to indemnify us from any liability or any such injury, loss or damage.


Unless specifically listed by us in the quotation, no allowances have been made to reinstate or caulk joints.

a) Where joints have been allowed for and reinstated, no responsibility will be taken by us to rectify where movement exceeds the capabilities of the materials.

Cracks in the substrate which exceed the require repair prior to epoxy coatings being applied. Unless specifically listed by us in the quotation, no allowances have been made to treat or repair cracks and will be charged as a variation.

a) Where cracks have been allowed for and reinstated, no responsibility will be taken by us to rectify where movement exceeds the capabilities of the materials.

No allowances can be made for any dewatering or for effects caused by inclement weather or for any environmental conditions that are prohibitive to the adequate bonding and or the curing of the intended system. Furthermore Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth shall not be responsible for any subsequent site or weather conditions that cause to ” any applied system or product”. It must be clearly understood that where an instruction is given to proceed with specified work where a delay notice has been issued, any such work carried out will not be covered under any warranty programme nor subject to any defect liability. Furthermore, any cleaning, clearing or environment conditions may result in the issue of a delay notice to the builder if required.

Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth cannot be held responsible for delays caused from material suppliers. Materials can only be procured upon receipt of signed subcontract or purchase order and lead times will vary.

We will not be held responsible for any debris, dust, flora, fauna, insects, excrement or fibres which may settle into the Coating while drying. The term dustless grinding refers to a standard practice used in the preparation process, It is unrealistic to assume that no airborne dust will be created and care must be taken by the client to provide adequate protection to plant and equipment and also for the removal of all stock from the immediate area, in particular any food stuffs.

Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth shall install clear signage and bunting noting “wet floors “or epoxy works in progress” or similar during the course of our works. Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth will not be held responsible where damage is caused to preparation or applied systems for any reason at any stage. Any costs incurred to rectify shall be borne by the client.

Any gas or electrical related fixings must be isolated throughout the course of our works by the client and reinstated by the client at their own expense unless specifically included in our quotation.

Due to necessity for high speed grinding equipment being operated right up to the skirting boards, some marking may occur on these surfaces. All care will be taken to reduce these markings however Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth will not accept any liability from client for any such markings.

No work shall be carried out where such work may be compromised by climatic or other prevalent conditions. Any signed instructions to proceed with such works will be required in writing and may result in any warranty written or implied being void. Always refer to manufacturers recommendations for specific product details.


Though precaution will be taken and only experienced applicators used many systems are a handmade product and may carry some irregularities or imperfections. We will not be held liable Should a project require extra materials or workmanship to rectify any issues of any sort with the finished coating.By accepting our quotation, you accept these aspects. All resin based floors are applied in hand laid method of an artisan nature. Although all work is carried out in a tradesman like and professional manner there may be some minor imperfections in the finished floor, such as roller marks, reflective cracking, minor undulation or trowel marks. By accepting this quotation you acknowledge that you are aware of these facts.

Payment terms as stated in quotation. As per the Securities of Payments Act overdue amounts may carry interest at the rate of 6% plus the RBA cash rate per annum from the due date to the date of payment in full. You also agree to indemnify us against any costs (including without limitation legal costs on a full indemnity basis) that we may incur in connection with recovery or attempted recovery of overdue amounts. (Handover)

All best trade practices and due care will be taken to ensure adequate preparation, bonding and installation of the system in accordance with manufacturers technical advice. However our warranty is void should the system fail as a result of any of the following:

I) Failure within substrate due to concrete fracture

II) Structural movement including stress fracture

III) Mechanical damage

VI) Rising moisture

VII) Oil or other contaminations

VIII) Any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control

Alteration of use contrary to that specified at the time of applications (i.e. warehouse converted to manufacturing area).

It may be admissible that an independent assessment of any of the above issues may be required to determine the cause in which any costs associated will be attributed to the client.

Many systems require a minimum 24 to 48 hours from completion prior to accepting foot traffic (longer for vehicular traffic in accordance with manufacturer’s technical data sheet). We will not be liable for any defects caused by early use of the surface. Many systems can take up to 7 days to achieve full chemical cure where during this period the use of any water, cleaning agents or similar may affect the systems appearance and/or performance. Additionally, any form of traffic and the placement of plant, equipment, furniture etc onto system should be at a minimum. Please consult the systems technical data for reference for all traffic ability and cleaning / maintenance parameters.

Under no circumstances will Hulk Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Resurfacing Perth be liable for any consequential loss.


Pictures are a representation only

You acknowledge and accept that colours of items displayed on the website may not reflect the true and actual colour of such items as this may be affected by external influences such as the quality of images supplied to us for use, or the quality, age or settings on your monitor/ device.